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CIJ For Kids & Teens
Insight For Life


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A powerful Emotional-Wellness course created for kids and teens to help them discover their unique talents, learn valuable tools and self-empowerment techniques that prepare them for success at school and in life.

This awe-inspiring course focuses on mindfulness and emotional intelligence. Based upon methodology first taught at Stanford University’s famed Creativity in Business Course (CIB), the 8-week program is designed to take kids and teens on a profound journey into unearthing their creativity, tapping into their purpose and inner wisdom, and activating their full

potential. Using practical tools and techniques, the CIJ Insight for Life Instructor will empower kids and teens to step into their authentic, true selves.


This 8-week course is designed to provide kids and teens with a competitive edge by helping to foster and develop the powerful creative potential within them. Specific benefits and outcomes often include the following:

• Inspiring new ideas for life purpose and creative passions.

• Empowering kids with effective stress and anxiety management skills.


• Inspiring problem-solving and "breakthrough thinking" to find innovative solutions to complex problems.

• Learning effective communication skills that support self-confidence and healthy relationships with family and friends

• Providing mindfulness tools that cultivate resilience, focus and attention for better results in academics, and more importantly...greater quality of life!.

Each student will come away with a deeper knowing about who they are, practical approaches for creating what they want, and the skills to move on to their next stage of their education and and life with motivation, direction, and self-reliance.

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