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“For the first time in my life, I truly feel the clarity and confidence within me to realize the highest version of myself. Through Leah’s non-judgmental guidance and customized strategies, I have learned to honor my authentic self and feel empowered to face challenges with newfound wisdom and peace. Thank you, Leah, for being the strong and trustworthy confidante I was seeking to help me through one of the lowest points in this beautiful life!



"Coaching with Leah has absolutely improved my quality of life. Our time together has helped me reduce my people-pleasing, increased my ability to set and maintain boundaries, be more intentional about how I spend my time and prioritize my self-care, and helped me recognize that “I’m allowed to choose me!”. I have more clarity about my future goals and the steps I need to take to get there. I’ve become better at decision-making, feel less stressed, and dwell far less on struggles when they occur. My improved stress-management skills have had one more surprising effect… my chronic digestive issues have gone from a 10/10 (10 being the worst) to a 3/10! I highly recommend!"



"When I first started working with Leah, I was feeling extremely stressed and on the verge of complete burnout, and I desperately needed to regain my balance. As a result of our time together, I've learned to prioritize my self-care and the things that are truly meaningful to me, and how to take charge of my health and happiness by changing my mindset. My confidence has grown as I've learned to embrace my true, authentic nature, while learning to maintain healthy boundaries that protect my well-being. Overall, I am better able to navigate life's challenges with less stress and anxiety, and greater joy, and will keep all of what I've learned close to my heart. It's been a game changer!"



When I first connected with Leah, I was struggling with my path in life. I knew I needed help but didn't know how or what kind.


Leah was a presenter at a staff meeting at my workplace, and I felt an immediate connection to the material she was presenting, so I reached out. I had tried everything at that point to move myself out of the funk I was stuck in and I thought "Why not? I've spent my money on more foolish things!"


I am so glad the universe introduced me to Leah! The way I view life has changed dramatically for the better. I am not stuck anymore.  I know now how to view my challenges as road bumps that change me for the better.  I am a stone that is being polished so I can be my best self! I feel very empowered and loving toward myself.


Leah showed me how to use the tools I already had inside me  to manifest good things in my life, and how little, simple changes over time can have profound effect on my daily life. I am very thankful for the time I spent on myself and with her!



""Coaching with Leah allowed me to change how I viewed my challenges and enabled me to think more clearly and be more in the here and now, focusing on the things that are truly important. The skills I gained have calmed my mind and I now feel that I am on an “upward spiral”, focusing more on the possibilities of the future and generally more optimistic. I thank Leah for helping me come to a new understanding of how I view my life and my challenges, and for shifting my perspective around what really matters. I would most certainly recommend Leah Corcoran for coaching. She helped me help myself in a way I had never experienced before."



"When I first connected with Leah, I was feeling stuck and hadn’t been able to find the motivation to make the necessary changes on my own. Leah’s non-judgmental, respectful, understanding approach helped me get moving in the right direction again. The biggest change I’ve seen in myself is greater overall positivity. I now acknowledge and celebrate the small wins, and have been surprised at how quickly I can shift my self-talk in such a way that I can feel instantly better. Coaching with Leah has been a very worthwhile investment of time and money."




"When I began working with Leah, I was feeling really stuck. On the outside, everything looked fine, and to an extent, it was fine... but fine isn't really what I want in life. 


I’d been working thru some emotional baggage with a therapist, yet still felt somewhat hollow. I wasn’t living to my greatest potential- for myself, my kid, our bank account, or emotional account.  I struggled to create a navigable map that would guide my personal journey toward real emotional health and real financial security. I was stuck on life’s path with a mind begging the question, well, now what?. 


Though nervous (and frankly embarrassed) to share my struggles, I was at my wit’s end. So, I took a leap of faith. Connecting with Leah was one of the best decisions of my life.  I am convinced this endeavor will assist me in a multitude of ways for the rest of my days. 

Life is exponentially better than that day I took the leap, swallowed my pride, and admitted that I needed help.  Turns out when I leaped, Leah appeared like something of a superhero with her own sort of hang-glider.  Showing me a new perspective of the concerns and realities of my world, she armed me (and helped me arm myself) with the accessible and effective tools necessary to fly into my dreams on my own. I'm forever grateful."


I felt safe and comfortable confiding in Leah about my fears and learned how those fears were preventing me from doing things that I wanted to do and controlling the way that I felt. I learned how to transform my fears and honor the place they were coming from. I learned how to refocus my energy and time to heal myself and grow through loss.

Through the coaching process with Leah and the small meaningful changes I made, I finally was able to let go of some of my limiting beliefs. I accepted the reality of my situation because I felt less stress in my daily life and felt more emotional balance. I also learned how prioritizing myself in meaningful ways helps me feel energized to do things I need to do and creates space for the things I want to do.

As an empathetic person, I struggle to balance my own emotional wellbeing with all the suffering in the world. Leah helped me understand that it’s okay to care about other people’s pain and suffering but not to carry it as my own. I learned to create an energetic shield to protect myself from taking on the pain, stress, and suffering of others."




"I came to Leah because I felt scattered...wanting to create a plan for positive vision for myself, and I wanted a meaningful & comfortable strategy for creating peace and growth.

As a result of coaching with her, I have learned to create time for self-care, and feel more empowered to make choices based on my needs. I have not only envisioned what I want to accomplish, but put it into action and reflected on the process. I am creating balance in my life.

What has shifted for me is the understanding that I am important and if I don’t care for myself I am not a good partner, family member, or friend. I've also learned cultivate more patience, grace, and peace and discovered that I am the essential component of my wellness."



"Leah is an exceptional coach. She sees and honors the light and warmth in you, and brings it out in the most outstanding ways. She exudes confidence and authenticity in her sessions, and brings in knowledge from other areas - motherhood, nursing, research, etc to give depth to her coaching. My time with her was beyond valuable."


"I reached out to Leah because I felt ready to make some meaningful changes in my health and my life. I’m not even halfway through my 90-Day program and I’m already experiencing real victories, including weight loss, greater energy mentally and physically, and less pain. I’ve even been able to tackle my life-long sugar addiction without feeling deprived, as her program includes delicious, satisfying foods that are allowing my body to gradually adjust to less sugar in my diet. Also, I tend to focus on tackling too many things at once and therefore get nothing done. Leah helps break goals into small, manageable steps that create real progress! Best money I've ever spent!"



I was overextended and out of balance with family, work and my own mental and physical health. I took a leap of faith and reached out to Leah and I am so thankful I did. Leah helped guide me to identify my needs that weren't being met, and honing in on the specific details to help guide gradual change.

Each week Leah helped me to celebrate successes and make a plan that was not too overwhelming but still a good challenge. I have loved experiencing this transformation and am eternally grateful for Leah's wisdom, guidance, support and compassion. My family has benefited as well from the experience. I 100% recommend working with Leah! Empowering women is the sure fire way to change the world I just know it."



"Leah has a very calm nature which creates a feeling of support and ease when progressing through the session together. She is very competent as a coach which makes me feel confident in her abilities and open to receiving her feedback and guidance, leading to impactful personal insights. Lovely experience."



My coaching experience with Leah makes my life better everyday! I have more freedom from unwanted thoughts. I'm no longer afraid of being triggered. When a negative thought comes up, I am able to deal with it and move on.
I live more intentionally. I am more prepared and more on time, which was a lifelong struggle. The coaching process was enjoyable! Leah is great to work with; she's professional but feels like a friend. I highly recommend her and her coaching process.



"I never thought I would use a life coach, or even need a life coach! But working with Leah was transformative. I found that having regular conversations with a coach helped me evaluate what was going on in my life and identify how to get “unstuck.” Her insight and caring style made the process enjoyable and fun. I looked forward to our conversations every week!"



"I asked Leah to help me with a more positive outlook and better energy despite some medical challenges I am experiencing.  It was great to have someone to keep me accountable to do self care and take baby steps toward my goals for a better quality of life and more decluttered home.  My decluttered home has led to a decluttered mind and a healthier outlook on life.  Thank you!"



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