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Give your team the gift of a healthier, happier, more productive workplace and practical, powerful emotional wellness tools. Featured here are evidence-based trainings that support healthy workplace culture, prevent burnout, reduce workforce turnover and improve job and life satisfaction.

Road to Monument Valley

Chart Your Course to 2024!:
A Guided Workshop for the New Year.
$110/per person ($85 nonprofit)


What's Love Got To Do With It?
Living and Working
in the Spirit of Love

$50 per person ($35 nonprofit)

Rock Balancing

Finding Your Balance:
Workplace Wellbeing

4-Hours/Half Day
$145/per person ($125 nonprofit)

This highly engaging, interactive workshop will guide you on

a journey of self-reflection and strategic goal-setting, empowering you to create a fulfilling and purposeful 2024.

*This workshop is also available on a custom group basis, virtual or in-person. Contact Leah to request a bid.

Learn to shift your focus to cultivate a more positive mindset, and explore how self-care supports the work we do for others.

Foundational tools for stress management and life satisfaction with an emphasis on mindset and mindfulness, emotional intelligence, connection to our work, ourselves and others.


Overcoming Overwhelm
$35 per person ($25 nonprofit)
$65 per person ($40

Learn 10 practical mindfulness and emotional intelligence tools designed to reduce stress, improve performance, enhance creativity, and promote wellbeing.

2-Hour version includes more activities and small-group breakouts.

Zen Garden

Finding Your Balance
This is an abbreviated but impactful version of the half-day workshop.
$50 per person ($35 nonprofit)

"Connecting the dots" to find more balance and fulfillment in your life. A refreshing self-care-focused experience.

Floating Bubble

Beyond Bubble Baths: Redefining Self-Care
90 minutes
$50 per person ($35 nonprofit)

Re-frame how you think about self-care, and learn to integrate it in meaningful ways. An engaging session of personal reflection.


Looking for a truly unique, hands-on, playful group workshop? An exploration of personal and professional values, dreams and goals represented in a creative project anyone can do! This Vision Board Workshop will give your team an experience they'll never forget, and they'll come away feeling inspired and hopeful about the future, with a tangible end-result to take home!

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